Grading & Shaping

Every new landscape requires minor or major grading and shaping. East Coast Green is equipped with the right equipment for all of your grading and shaping needs. Our in house fleet of Caterpillar Multi Terrain loaders coupled with larger machines such as bulldozers, track hoes and haulers from Caterpillar’s extensive fleet of rental equipment ensures that from start to finish East Coast Green is equipped to handle all of your grading and shaping needs. Our extensive repertoire of diverse grading and contour projects will leave no doubt that we are a capable grading and shaping entity.

Fine grading prior to preparing surfaces for finished seed application is a must for any lawn. Residential and commercial lawns alike always require the removal of imperfections in drainage to alleviate ponding and concentrated flows to one area causing washing.

Athletic field grading comes in many percents and degrees. Crowned or sloped, athletic playing fields require meticulous grading to ensure, not only a level playing surface, but proper drainage of the surface as well.

East Coast Green’s agricultural drainage grading enhancement coupled with erosion and sediment control capabilities provides farms with cleaner runoff entering our waterways. Grading and shaping of swales and erosion control blanket linings will ensure cleaner runoff from your farm.

Earthen moguls and screening berms will add character to your facility and provide enhanced areas for landscape planting while incorporating height variations for maximum screening potential and visual appeal.

From minor grade adjustments to mine reclamations encompassing fifty acres with stabilization and reforestation packages East Coast Green has the knowledge and resources to complete your job effectively and economically.

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