Paver Systems

Modern paver systems can provide a variety of finished surface solutions to the commercial client. Pavers can be utilized but are not limited to pedestrian circulation, driveways, temporary or emergency access,  as well as primary and overflow parking  applications.

For pedestrian sidewalks and walkways, interlocking concrete and brick pavers are common choices for the commercial site.  The same concrete pavers can be utilized in crosswalks where light vehicular traffic can be expected.

With a thicker 3 1/8″  paver and proper design, a concrete paver system can be installed that will outlast traditional asphalt applications as well as reduced maintenance.  Now with permeable pavers, we are able to drastically reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff from your commercial project.  Permeable paver installations can be designed to reduce or remove stormwater ponds creating more useable real estate and more money for you!

Do you have a area that needs temporary access?  A reinforced grass paver system could be your solution.  Systems are can be utilized to provide to stable ground for fire truck or crane access to buildings. Grass pavers can be installed in rolls or panels depending on your projects  load requirements.   The same systems can be used for overflow parking at sporting events, venues and resorts.

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