Outdoor Lighting

We’d like to extend the amount of time that your landscape and outdoor space can be enjoyed.

A properly designed and installed landscape and architectural lighting system offers many benefits to the homeowner:

Safety. Lighting is important to ensure safe passage throughout your property. Pathways, stairs, decks, docks, patios and recreational areas all need to be illuminated to prevent tripping and falls.

Security. Most homeowners rely upon high-intensity security lighting or post lights to prevent unseen intruders from entering the property. That type of lighting is both unattractive and largely ineffective. These glaring lights leave areas of complete darkness making it more difficult to see intruders.  Our designer will choice the proper fixture to reduce glare and create a well lit area visible from the interior of the home.

Beauty. The landscape lighting designer does two things: 1. Selectively reveals beauty that already exists on your property; and 2. Adds beauty through the creative use of light and shadow.

Nighttime Usability. Let your designer know if certain areas of your property will be used for certain activities or functions. The designer may be able to offer you additional lighting zones that can be called into play when needed. For example, if you occasionally hold parties in a lawn area, the designer can put the party lighting on a separate switch.  New technology can even allow individual fixtures to be controlled seperately or in assigned groups which then can be scheduled at different times of the day at different intensities.

Ask us about the benefits of LED low voltage landscape and architectural lighting.

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