Design / Build Landscapes

By incorporating elements of art and science, landscape designers work with plants, hardscapes and garden structures to blend buildings into nature. Design/ Build Manager Jessee McMath comes to East Coast Green with many years of hands-on experience, and is able to produce the finest outdoor spaces that are creative, functional and financially sensible.

Our design work varies with each project, from basic foundation plans to large estate planning and multi-phase residential projects. If you have never worked with a landscape designer before, the following outline will help you better understand the design process:

  • When a customer inquires about our services, an appointment is set for an onsite visit and consultation, and a complimentary design estimate by our designer.
  • During the site visit, designer and client walk through the site to discuss the project needs or intentions. Clients are encouraged to provide pictures or sketches to help convey their needs and visions to the designer.
  • During this meeting, the designer will provide a quote for services completed. Once the estimate is agreed upon, the designer will begin the site inventory and analysis.

Tip: To save time and money, provide the designer with as much information about your property as possible, i.e. plot plans, house plans, other surveys.

  • Design Contract – the contract for design services will include: scope of work, site layout using recorded plot plan, onsite measurements, and photographs of property for design purposes.

All East Coast Green Base Landscape Design Packages will include:

  • 2-scaled landscape plans
  • Plant List
  • Quote for Installation of Design