Crepe Myrtle Court

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Each design build project begins with an initial client contact, this residential project came from an existing customer with their own design build background. A brief email exchange between our designer and the owner started the project with questions to determine the project scope, possible materials and styles. Upon entering the development, it was apparent why the client was looking to increase the curb appeal and differentiate their home from the standard builder package that was repeated throughout.


A designer’s site analysis begins as soon as visual contact is made of the home. A mental checklist of question begins to form, what is your first impression of the home or property? Does the home currently fit into its surroundings? What is the orientation of the home?

Take Inventory

Upon arriving at the narrow, random walkway a quick inventory of the existing plants was taken while also taking in the view ahead and further down the street. A substantial front door greeted you, it matched the home’s architecture but made the already inadequate walkway seam even underwhelming, leaving space wasted space on either side of the stoop.

Starting with a Blank Slate

The existing backyard was a blank slate with the exception of an irrigation system and downspout drains. The downspout drains were included on the drawing’s provided by the client, any information that you can provide to your designer will help in preparing and functional and efficient design. A circular fire pit and large sitting area under the deck would remain from the original concept drawing but a completely new set steps were to be designed to deal with grade change from the lower patio to the driveway. Signs of deer and geese were evident in the backyard with a few still lingering around when we first entered the yard, careful considerations would be necessary in final plant selection to prevent the investment from being eaten.