Erosion & Sediment Control

East Coast Green’s sediment and erosion control processes have developed into a technologically- rich program through our wide network of vendors, each bringing new products and market insight to our capable installation team. Every project is carefully studied for valued engineering options to increase profitability. Our experience in the sediment and erosion control field is evident in the hundreds of acres of turf grass we grow annually by utilizing hydro- mulches, hydro- blankets, and synthetic/ natural erosion blankets. East Coast Green has developed direct working relationships with the local soil conservation services in our operating area. We work proactively, meeting with our contractors and local conservation officials to address and solve any issues relevant to operating and maintaining job sites that are sediment and erosion control compliant.


Hydroseeding is the largest sector of our sediment and erosion control work. Through the traditional and hydraulic application of various seed mixes and mulches, new technologies have evolved into time and money- saving best management practices (BMP). Bonded Fiber Matrix and Flex products have become a viable substitute for traditional erosion control blankets in many situations. Project specifications and site circumstances create a need for a wide variety of seed mixes, each maximizing the project’s potential for soil stabilization success. Our seed vendors are well- established within our industry, and are always available for consultation.

Erosion Control Blankets

From erosion control mulch blankets to high performance and permanent blankets, we have the erosion control blanket to fit your specifications with either the specified blanket or an alternate of equal value and performance. Our diverse network of vendors and industry experts deliver a complete package of cutting edge- technology and product support. East Coast Green stocks a variety of blankets, available for installation or contractor purchase.

Mulch Socks/ Filter Socks

The introduction of mulch- filled filter socks is one of the biggest and best innovations in today’s erosion and sediment control industry. East Coast Green proudly uses Filtrexx Filter Soxx for all of your mulch and filter sock needs. Filter Soxx come in a variety of sizes, and upon approval by your local conservation service can be substituted for traditional silt fences. Different sizes of Filter Soxx correspond to the various sizes of silt fence or super silt fence. The Soxx can be stacked for further stability and greater filtration for runoff leaving your site. East Coast Green’s large capacity Finn blower trucks can deliver and fill mulch Filter Soxx on your site, both conveniently and efficiently.

Silt Fence

Many years and hundreds of miles of silt fence installation has taught us the importance of knowing our suppliers in the industry. It may all look the same, but when it comes to reliable products that will stand up to the test in the field, we maintain the highest standards in product quality. We install 18″ silt fence, 30″ silt fence, super silt fence, and all PennDot silt fences per Publication 408. Tie- backs, tensioners, and straw bale dikes coupled with various silt fence configurations are common installation procedures for us. East Coast Green stocks a variety of silt fence and components in our warehouse for installation or contractor purchase.