Landscape Maintenance

East Coast Green maintenance offers an extensive list of services that will ensure your landscaping investment remains manicured and beautiful:

  • Customized fertilizer and weed control treatment programs will help keep your lawn lush and healthy all season.
  • Weekly professional mowing and trimming will set your lawn and landscape apart from every other property.
  • Our fleet of finish mowers, and courteous, professional staff who will keep your lawn looking its best throughout the growing season.
  • Hardwood mulching has never been easier or less labor intensive with one of our mulch blowing trucks, able to apply mulches up to 300 feet from one position.  We offer a wide variety of mulch densities and colors, including a “kid safe” playground mulch.
  • Tree and shrub care which will identify plant insect diseases, cultural, mechanical, and environmental problems, and provide corrective measures to insure that your trees and shrubs will stay beautiful and live long and healthy lives.