Soil Mixes & Soil Conditioning

Engineered soils for bio-retention facilities of any composition can be mixed at your site, or pre- mixed, delivered and installed per your specifications.  East Coast Green can also have the soil mix composition tested by a third party, based on your project’s requirements.  Upon completion of the rain garden mix, our planting crews can complete your bio-retention facility with native trees, shrubs, grasses or perennials using both plant materials or seed mixes.

East Coast Green can mix, deliver, and install soil mixes or condition your existing site soil.  Your lawn will benefit from the addition of naturally rich compost or engineered additives. With or without seed, this process is made quick and efficient is simple with our Finn blower trucks, and 300 feet of application hose. With this method, we can fill bare spots, feed your existing lawn, and grow new grass. Our mixes can be mechanically blown into Geo- cells, paver systems, terraced walls and a multitude of areas that the propagation of turf grass is required.