Seeding & Sod

East Coast Green has become a well-known leader in the turf industry. Whether sod, traditional seeding, or hydroseeding, our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide you with a superior lawn or playing field. We specialize in developing solutions for difficult sites and soil conditions.  East Coast Green has an extensive background in developing seed mixes and processes to resolve environmental, situational and soil- specific issues within the parameters of regulations, specifications, budgets and other constraints.

We are always available to answer questions and assist you with caring for your newly installed lawn, which is also covered by a one year warranty, provided it is cared for by you per our New Lawn Care guide specifications.

A large portion of our hydroseeding is done for the purposes of industrial and commercial job site stabilization and revegetation. East Coast Green installs hundreds of acres of grasses every year for both temporary and permanent soil stabilization. Project specifications and site circumstances require a wide variety of seed mixes to maximize soil stabilization success. Through our network of seed vendors, we utilize a seed mixtures varying from state- certified seeds, common turf mixtures, and native restoration mixes for ecological enhancement.


Through a network of sod growers in our quad state region, East Coast Green can provide the sod blend to fit your job specifications, delivered fresh cut to your site within hours after being harvested. Sod can be installed in small square cuts (20″x 40″) or large rolls (4′ X 60′), depending upon your needs. All sod installation will be given an initial thorough watering upon installation. Any additional watering of your sod by East Coast Green must be scheduled with our maintenance team prior to installation.